Your Dog Is Perfect

There is a thing that happens once you own a dog. Not your parents’ dog, or your kids’ dog, or your spouse’s dog but your very own dog. Suddenly, regardless of what you have ever said – or will say – about someone else’s dog, you know, in your heart of hearts (or right in everyone’s face, depending on how you play it) that your dog is, and will always be, the best.

Your dog is perfect.

Sure, they may have a few inconvenient habits like rolling in dead animals, digging holes that reach to China and barfing up socks on the living room rug at two AM. But they are so fantastic in all other areas that there is no reason whatsoever to dwell on the little annoyances that, really, if we are all being honest here, come with all dogs.

Being a dog owner with a perfect dog myself, I can tell you that there is nothing better than being handed an opportunity to lay out just exactly why your dog is better than someone else’s.

In a group of people that know neither Storm (John’s dog) nor Trip (my dog AKA Most Amazing Dog in the World), it happened to come up in conversation that Storm had an irritating and ridiculous habit of staring up at squirrels in trees and barking at them.


Bark, Bark, Bark! Come down so I can eat you squirrel! Bark, Bark, Bark!

It’s possible that I may have expressed some scorn on the effectiveness of this behavior when I was asked what my dog did that was so much better.

A chance to expound on the fantastic-ness of my dog compared to others!?! Bliss, utter dog owning bliss. I dove right in.

My dog (The Smartest Dog in the Solar System) sits quietly in the house at an upstairs window watching the bird feeders.  Once he sees a squirrel come to a feeder he runs down the stairs, gently rings the bells to go outside and waits patiently for me to come. I open the door as quietly as possible and when it’s wide enough for him to get through, he tears off across the yard. If it’s a quiet exit from the house the squirrel will see him coming once he is about half way there and the race is on! The finish line is the maple at the back of the yard and while squirrels climb fast, my dog (The Best Jumper in the Universe) has some ups that have earned him a mouthful of fur at least once. Then Trip trots back to the house, asks to come back inside and resumes his post upstairs. Or, if it’s a nice sunny day, he (The Most Patient Being In Our Household) sits like a statue near the backdoor until the birds and squirrels feel it’s safe to come back out.


Good things come to those who wait.

As my story ended I realized I seemed to be surrounded by non-dog owners. All their nodding faces seemed to say, “Why yes, your dog is fantastic and smart as well.” If only I had had a picture of him along, I’m sure they would have waxed poetic on his handsomeness too.

However if they had owned a perfect dog of their own, as some of you do, there would have been nods that said “Yup, knew it all along, that dog sounds alright but mine is better. Mmmm hmmm.”

But, fellow perfect dog owners, now’s your chance, I’m asking you. How awesome is your dog?

Give your day a little pick me up and expound away!



(Don’t look so worried Trip, I’ll still think you’re the most fabulous dog of all!)






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12 comments on “Your Dog Is Perfect

  1. Diane says:

    The Fabulous Trixie Ann has the squirrels coming down the trees to look at her! Hee Hee. The bunnies sit right next to her chewing away and she lays there I’m sure they are discussing the ways of the world. She may be little but she gives me so much love, I know she keeps me alive.

  2. Diana J Febry says:

    My Albert is so clever, he stalks birds in the long grass before he runs head long towards them. He’s so perfect I’m surprised he doesn’t sprout wings and fly after them.

  3. thinkbigmuch says:

    My dog just does whatever I tell him to do. And follows me around all day. Other than that, he’s pretty annoying 🙂

  4. beeblu says:

    This made me smile. She’s a beautiful dog. But, then, you knew that!

  5. John says:

    Doesn’t roll in stinky things – check
    No digging holes – check
    No barfing socks – check

    Storm is clearly the best. Particularly if you are looking to retrieve a difficult to find bird. Brittanys will rush off looking for the next bird (yes, even Trip). Labs will wait for a hand signal. Not Storm, she just goes and finds the bird.

    And if that’s not enough, last year she retrieved a deer that Bill didn’t get well enough with the bow. That’s right, tracked a deer.


  6. says:

    Wow, that is so much like our dear (now departed) Maggie. She was quiet but always so patient and attentive and an amazing hunter. Maggie was a Springer Spaniel and she had instinct to burn. She was also a cuddler … miss that.

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