Multiflora Rose

Yup, that’s right guys, I’m posting a picture of Multiflora Rose.

I mean, sure – it’s a nasty invasive plant in Wisconsin taking over and crowding out native species.

Sure – its thorns not only penetrate through gloves and clothes, but then hook into your skin and stick there, usually drawing blood.

But I have to do it. I have to post a picture because…

Look how pretty it holds the raindrops!!!multiflora rose

Don’t worry.

Raindrops won’t save it.

It’s all gotta die!

2 comments on “Multiflora Rose

  1. The Devil’s shrubbery. Kill it! We have been at war with ours 20 years and appear to be winning. The buckthorn, however, is defeating us.

    • Jessie says:

      We are fighting our war on many fronts. The multiflora rose, the buckthorn, the boxelder, the garlic mustard… However, The Devil’s shrubbery draws the most blood and therefore the most ire and is being taken out selectively while the main front moves slowly across the property. Also it seems the previous owners were traitors. They let it grow everywhere even up around the house and into the gardens!

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