Wrens, Bees and a Little Perspective

I spent some time watching the wrens feed their babies.young wren

And I spent some time watching the bees come and go from the hives. bees entering hive

The bees, with their thousands of young waiting to be fed inside, still  looked lazy compared to that Mamma wren.wren feeding young

And I? It suddenly seemed that I had a life of leisure, feeding my children only occasionally throughout the day. young wrenNow I’m hoping my girls get a good look at just what those babies get fed for dinner.DSCN8689-(2sm)

Perspective, it’s an interesting thing.

3 comments on “Wrens, Bees and a Little Perspective

  1. Awesome! So funny…when I was at Dairy Queen the other day having frozen cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday, there was a man sitting across from me, my 5 kids and husband. After we went through the rigamarole of wiping their messy hands and faces with wet wipes, cleaning the table, wiping spilled water off the seat, etc, he said to me, “I don’t know how you can go through this feeding frenzy every couple of hours and not go crazy.” I just replied, “Who said I’m not crazy? Happy…but crazy!”

    • Jessie says:

      😀 I also recently had a “Who said I’m not crazy?” conversation with someone! The silly assumptions people make about our sanity…

  2. dianeschuller.com says:

    Yes, perspective indeed!

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