My Children Are Bats

My children are bats.

Bats with extraordinarily advanced echolocation systems.

This is the only explanation I have for their unique locating system. Namely that when they yell “MOM!!!” over and over again they walk straight to me, whether I answer their call or not.

This will be helpful if I ever become lost in the wilderness and someone thinks to ask my children to help find me.

Which is a fact I will try to keep in mind next time I’m trying to carve out a solitary five minutes from my day.



Note: Please ask my children to help find me if I become hopelessly lost in the wilderness.

7 comments on “My Children Are Bats

  1. Love it! Your kids are awesome! I think mine are squirrels…cute chatty creatures who run all over the place and make people nuts…

  2. Love your take on this common problem with children! Never thought of it that way. I always just got really ratty that they yelled for me all the time.

    • Jessie says:

      I never said it didn’t drive me nuts. 🙂 “Try to keep in mind” would be the short part of the post that could more honestly say. “…this will hardly ever occur to me because it’s hard to think when your blood pressure is spiking due to the constant screaming of your name…” 🙂

  3. The Jellyfish says:

    Hahaha! That sounds like a useful trait for kids to have :p very talented!

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