Runes by Ednah Walters

I loved it.

It’s young adult. It’s fantasy. It’s a sappy love story. It’s full of bad-ass “people” and it stars a tenacious heroine.

Of course I loved it.

While it could be said that there is nothing super surprising or novel about this story line, Runes is well written with a good back story and solid characters.

Just because I’ve eaten and loved chocolate chip cookies my whole life doesn’t mean I don’t still want more tomorrow.

Would I recommend it? Young Adult fantasy lovers, grab your copy.  Runes is free for downloading on Amazon! Just be careful, like chocolate chip cookies, it’s hard to stop after just one. And, since my cookie and YA fantasy willpower are about the same, I can tell you that book number two, Immortals, is also quite tasty!

2 comments on “Runes by Ednah Walters

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Ooh I can’t wait to read this now I’ve seen your review, it’s on my kindle after the #FridayFiveChallenge brought it to my attention, and now I need book 2 as well by the sound of it.

    • Jessie says:

      And maybe book three as well! I had to take a break after two though, I wanted three but, well, too many chocolate chip cookies at once aren’t good for anyone! 🙂

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