Three Cheers For Meat!

It wasn’t intentional, raising such a meat lover. It just sort of, happened.

I mean, it’s true, I never ate anything green until I was 12, 24, 30, but vegetables now routinely infiltrate our meals. And, along side those much contested vegetables are the animals. Birds we’ve been out hunting go straight to the table and everyone agreed that Archibald tasted delicious. So while vegetables have often been a sore subject around the dinner table, the girls have grown up knowing where their meat came from and occasionally what it’s name was. Something that turns others’ stomachs has been a fact of life for the girls for so long as to be a non-issue.

Now deer season and the source of most of our red meat for the year has arrived. Personally, I have yet to be convinced that waking up early and sitting in a tree in the cold would be a super fun plan, but one morning John left the house to do just that. When the girls asked where he was, I told them he was out hunting and maybe, if we were lucky, he’d bring a deer home

“Yay!”, Jane cried.

“Yay for meat!”, she cheered as she jumped up and down.

“Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!”

I guess, thinking back to her involvement last year, I shouldn’t be surprised. Jane helping grind meatThe picture might be a year old but she’s lost none of her enthusiasm for the rewards of deer hunting!

14 comments on “Three Cheers For Meat!

  1. My gosh, she makes even grinding up dead things look adorable! What a little treasure!

  2. Ha! Yay meat!

    In my view, it’s so important for our children to know where their meat comes from. Our general disconnection form our food sources is such a sad thing and one that really needs some attention and intention put to it. Good on you for helping your Littles learn ❤

  3. Peter S says:

    When we visit for Thanksgiving, my mom is going to gives us her 40 year old kitchenaid mixer, since she’s getting a new one. We’re so excited to be able to grind meat our own meat soon!!!

    • Jessie says:

      Kitchen Aid mixers are amazing! And grinding meat is pretty fun, and then once youare doing that there is sausage making to consider… 🙂

      • Peter S says:

        We bought all the supplies to make sausages and other cured meat recently. I used the same mixer with my Mom 40 or so years ago, it’ll be fun to start using it with our 6 year old.

  4. Sharon says:

    Goog thing to know that the girls aren’t squeamish about where their meat comes from

  5. Johnny says:

    Definitely now in my top 5 favorite Jane stories. “Yay for meat” sealed the deal.

  6. Our little meat grinders are working double time this season. They love to see other kids getting the same nourishment/education/experiences wherever it happens to take place.

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