Out and About: Where’s the Fire?


Thanks for visiting Behind the Willows today but we aren’t home…thanks for visiting

…we are out and about with Barb Taub!

When one of your favorite authors and bloggers asks you to write a guest post for them, first you grin really wide and goofy for a long time while saying “How cool is that?” to anyone who asks (or doesn’t). And then, of course, you tell them yes. 

Go on over, visit Barb Tuab’s site, read my post, Where’s The Fire? but don’t stop there. Stay and poke around a bit, check out her books, find a book review or two, be sure to read a few old blog posts and enjoy yourself at one of my favorite corners of the internet.

2 comments on “Out and About: Where’s the Fire?

  1. aishwarya148 says:

    I really enjoyed your guest post Jessie! Cheers

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