Book at the Door: June Giveaway

I’ve got a great book.

Would you like it?Book at the Door

Not only do I have here a great hardcover book that I recently fell head over heels for, but it begins with this magical first line:

"Every smiley moon, without fail, Claire dreamed of her childhood."

“Every smiley moon, without fail, Claire dreamed of her childhood.”

One of my favorite parts about this particular book is that it contains a hint of magic. Just enough to bring a little extra vividness to a beautiful family story without delving too far into the fantastical.  Now, just look at that piece done by the talented Mr Tookles.  Doesn’t it capture the feeling perfectly!?!

Do you know Mr Tookles? Well, actually Mr. Tookles is a green robot bank owned by the woman behind this magical painting, a 33 year old Dutch-Surinamese-Indian woman who says it’ll be alright if we call her Madhawi today. (Pronounced as ma-the-we.)

You can see more of her amazing work on her new website Madhawi’s website is still pretty new but I’m sure it will fill up fast because, as she says, ” I started drawing from a very young age and never really stopped. Creating to me is just as necessary as eating and breathing.”
If you’d like this magical combo (A print of this first line art and the book) to show up on your doorstep, just leave me a comment! Let me know what book it is I’m giving away this month (go ahead use the google magic) or let me know your favorite magical book, and I’ll enter you in the drawing!
Don’t forget to pay Madhawi a visit! Tell her about your favorite shoes and robots (she loves those) and say “Hi!” from me! (Psst! You can find her on Instagram too!

Contest will be open through June 28th.

Winner will have the honor of receiving a quality print of Madhawi’s artwork in the mail as well as the book.

Artists of all kinds (Yes, you photographers and you who says you can’t draw and you who just wants to practice hand lettering and you who is selling paintings online and…all of you!) if you are interested in providing a small piece of work that includes a first sentence I would love to hear from you!  

Authors, have I read your book and tagged it as a recommended read? Would you like to donate a hard copy? Let me know! 

23 comments on “Book at the Door: June Giveaway

  1. Angelica M. says:

    Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen… 😄

  2. Green Embers says:

    I just discovered Madhawi a few days ago and she is now one of my favorite artists! Also thanks for teaching me how to pronounce her name, I was totally saying it wrong, lol. 😀

  3. Juju says:

    Lovely art work. I love children’s books. It is difficult to name a favorite, however, wonderful illustrations go a long way in making me love a book. Big fan of Dr. Suess!

    • Jessie says:

      I agree about illustrations! And Dr. Suess can’t be beat for pure fun!

      Looking back I’m ashamed of the terrible job I did writing this post. The book is an adult fiction book, Mr. Tookles created a piece of artwork using the first line the winner gets both. I think I may need to re-post with clarification but thank you so much for stopping and commenting even with my scatterbrained writing!

      • Juju says:

        Yes, well sometimes we just don’t catch all the errors. I know I have had to edit many a post. UGH

        • Jessie says:

          You can say that again. I usually read mine out loud to myself and I catch more that way, but if I want to really catch them all I have to have someone else proof it. My brain is just too happy to fix my own mistakes! 😉

          • Juju says:

            Yes, difficult to see the forest for the trees. In addition, it is much more difficult to write or edit on my phone. I prefer the computer but that is not always possible.

  4. sitaranair95 says:

    Would really love to have this artwork and book.Looks supercool.

  5. […] in the Book at the Door giveaway. The Book at the Door giveaway (just in case you missed it, or saw this month’s entry, which unfortunately makes it about as clear as mud) is a new monthly feature here. Once a month an […]

  6. sitaranair95 says:

    The book you are giving away is Garden Spells By Sarah Addison Allen❤❤❤My favourite magical books are the entire Harry Potter Series.

  7. phrogmom says:

    i love this! i would love to be involved in the future! i can’t think of anything cooler than doing an illustration of the first line of a book!

  8. booksbeforebandaids says:

    Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

  9. N. says:

    This sounds like an awesome book! Google tells me it’s Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen so there’s my 2cents on that 😂

  10. Jessie says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated, winner will be announced soon!

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