The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory and Book at the Door Winner

And the winner is…

Rosie Amber!

Rosie is none other than the wonderful Rosie of Rosie’s Book Review Team, of which I’m proud to be a member. Her blog ( is full of book reviews from all genres and you should certainly stop by if you are looking for your next book to read.

Rosie will need to be on the lookout for a package in the mail with a copy of The White Queen by Philippa Gregory as well as these beautiful prints by Amy Maranto!

Now that you have seen these photos again I’m sure you would like to go visit Amy on her blog Photography Journal Blog  ( where she shares her thoughts on her photography and photo editing journey!

Rosie she says she hasn’t read any Philippa Gregory books yet, which is a terrible problem to have and I am so happy to be able to help her solve that problem with my favorite of Gregory’s books!

The White Queen takes you back in time to before the Tudors came to the English throne when the Plantagenets are fighting for the crown.

And by fighting I mean not only out right battles, but also betrayals, and tricks and backstabbing.  This is all done by a group of people who share remarkably similar names and is all told from the point of view of a strong woman with a hint of magic flowing in her blood. It’s mind boggling-ly awesome.

If you have already read The White Queen I bet you agree with me that these photos are a perfect eerie reminder of what now remains of all that bloodshed and tragedy.

And if you, like Rosie,  haven’t already read any Philippa Gregory books, even though this isn’t chronologically the first of The Cousins War books, I highly recommend you start with this one as well!

Book at the Door winner was chosen using a random number generator from 

Artists of all kinds (Yes, you photographers and you who says you can’t draw and you who just wants to practice hand lettering and you who is selling paintings online and…all of you!) if you are interested in providing a small piece of work that includes a first sentence I would love to hear from you!  

Authors, have I read your book and tagged it as a recommended read? Would you like to donate a hard copy? Let me know! 


6 comments on “The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory and Book at the Door Winner

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Thank you so much Jessie, I am looking forward to starting the book and I remember falling in love with those prints when I first saw them, there’s something a little “other worldly” about them, like a ghostly haze.

  2. Reblogged this on Photography Journal Blog and commented:
    The winner of this month’s Book at the Door and two prints of mine has been announced, pop over to take a look!

  3. I have not read The White Queen but it is on my list! I actually watched the mini-series based on The Cousin’s War before I knew of the books (I know, shame on me!) and absolutely loved it!

    Congrats to Rosie Amber!

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