I Hate It When They Are Right…

You were right.

All you boys in my life, you were right.

My husband who wanted the sod cutter roller thing-a-ma-bob. (Bah, said I, it’s not THAT much sod, we don’t want to spend the time and money renting that.)

My brother who offered to use a skid steer to help us out. (What are you nuts, I said, I’ll have nothing but mud in my yard for a month.)

I should have gone for the rental, I should have gone for the mud. But no, not me, instead I channeled Clara at two and said “No, I do it meself.” Well, I used more adult words than that but the sentiment was exactly the same.

And I did.

We now have a 16 ft diameter mostly/fairly/dear-God-I-hope-its-close-enough-to-level circle cut into the lawn. I had a bit of help, but mostly I did it meself.

Now, hopefully very soon, an above ground swimming pool will jump from it’s box by the garage and take up residence on the nice landing pad I made for it. Today while I was dreaming of the cool refreshing water that would someday be in the very location I was chopping roots out of with a dull axe, during my final multi-hour push to just get the *#! thing done, right about when the sweat was dripping in my eyes but after Ivy came out with sunscreen because she noticed my shoulders were burning, and just as I was wondering if maybe a friendly alien might drop in to make a nice crop circle in my yard, because probably they wouldn’t abduct me because I was way too dirty to be interesting, Clara showed up and asked how many blisters I had. I wouldn’t tell her, because I wouldn’t look, I was afraid if I inspected my hands too closely I might not pick the shovel back up.

But now that it’s done I’ll tell you- there are eight, and those boys were right- they were totally right.

10 comments on “I Hate It When They Are Right…

  1. barbtaub says:

    Did you take any videos? Because then I wouldn’t have to waste my money going to go see Wonder Woman in the theater…

  2. Widdershins says:

    Bravo!!! You are Wonder Woman in the Willows! 😀

  3. Georgia Rose says:

    Heroic effort Jessie, well done you! 🙂

  4. jenanita01 says:

    The perils of being stubborn… but the sense of achievement was probably immense!

  5. No, you were right, bu it will be a few days before you can look back and admit.it. Or two days, if you do therapeutic massage and ibuprofen. Which will cost about the same as renting a sod cutter and skid loader. 🙂

  6. Jean says:

    Good lord! I’ve been trying to finish de-sodding a 9-foot diameter quarter-circle since last fall. I’m afraid by the time I get ‘er done, the beginning will be grass again!

  7. My sympathies. I have stripped a lot of sod and chopped many roots in my garden. As for men and machines, they can do considerable damage, but in your situation, perhaps not. 🙂

  8. Peter S says:

    That’s a lot of work, it looks good!

    My neighbors tried to do this themselves, they soon found out that they only had 15 feet, not 16.

  9. Elizabeth J Eloranta says:

    That’s quite an accomplishment!! Good job! OOXX

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