On Growing Up

First tooth gone!

“Well… I was a baby and now I’m on to being a kid and then I’ll be a big girl, then a teenager, then a grownup and then a grandma.”

John while trying to settle down all three girls for bed, while they were in various states ranging from wildly happy to upset,  mutters: “Let’s not talk about teenagers.”

4 comments on “On Growing Up

  1. Sharon Jacobson says:

    Thank goodness there are a lot of years between teeth and teenagers. I know a little about teenage girls, having three of my own. Shower them with love and attention, not “things”. Let them know that you expect them to respect you and you respect them. That doesn’t mean always agree but just listen. Don’t let the “attitude” bother Because if you take your time to at least listen to their side things will be good. Wow, that is a lot of info on my part, hope I don’t sound like a know it all!! My girls are now adults and I couldn’t ask for better daughters, all 3 are very kind and loving, we all have so much fun together.

  2. Widdershins says:

    Grownup to grandma … sounds about right. Skip all the boring stuff in between! 😀

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