Lessons From The Civil War

Attending a civil war reenactment has taught me many things over the years.

-Deserters will be shot – and then their boots will be stolen.

-General Grant never wanted to be a solider.

I don’t know what this man does when he isn’t General Grant but he does an amazing job. A natural story teller with an encyclopedia of knowledge!

-Some doctors are better at cleaning their instruments than others but all of them will cut your leg off if they need to.

Notice Ivy on the fanning assist in the background?
Patient was a young girl that was hit by a stray bullet. No bones broken, she kept her leg and she had one of the best doctors, I think she’ll be fine.

-The horses are amazing.

For real. The training they do with these guys is impressive!

-And never say the last bend has been taken out of these instruments so that the “noise” carries back to the marching soldiers. That’s music that comes out of those horns.

Or so I have been told…

One comment on “Lessons From The Civil War

  1. Interesting travelling back in history isn’t it?

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