Out and About: Anxiety Bees

Tooks and I wrote about anxiety.

But we did it the Tooks and Jessie way – with bees.

And, of course those bees needed names…

It’s live on the Stigma Fighters website if you’d like to read about how the bees Gloomy, Gully and Garfunkel (as well as a few of their friends who’s names don’t being with “g”) handle anxiety. 


6 comments on “Out and About: Anxiety Bees

  1. You mean to say not all bees start with G’s? This is an outrage


    • Jessie says:

      Well… we could have their names all start with a “g” or a silent “g” but I think that would just get confusing….



  2. Julie Bender says:

    Very enjoyable. When will it be a book?

  3. Jim Connell says:

    Absolutely your BEST EVER!!!!!!

  4. Jesska says:

    Love it! (and my swarm seems ridiculously similar… :s)

  5. […] and I recently wrote a post on Stigma Fighters about how we all have little anxiety bees that live in our heads. You can read it all about them […]

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