Gratitude prompt #7: “A friend or something that reminds you of a friend.”

Of course I don’t plan these days ahead of time. That’s never how I work and, as most days mid-pandemic, actual in-person photographable/selfieable friends were in short supply.

“No problem” says I to myself. I’ll just find something interesting in the house that reminds me of a friend to photograph. I started looking around.

Now, it’s completely possible that the fact that I:

A) don’t really “decorate” my house per say and

B) am terrible at buying non-functional things for myself.

And this has something to do with the fact that nearly everything I looked at reminded me of a friend.

I have art from friends on some walls and art gifted by friends on others. There are plants by the windows that were given by friends and plants that were delivered by friends. The capoeira instruments in the corner were made with friends and are played with friends. The mugs on the shelves are gifted from friends, the piano was my best friend’s grandma’s. The light in the corner is connected to another friend’s light in another state. There is a stuffed bee from a blogger I’ve never met in real life and a necklace hangs by the mirror from another that I have…

And on my bed is a stuffed bunny. One of those ridiculously round and unbelievably soft squishmallo types. It came to me early in covid on my birthday with a note “Since I can’t give you hugs.”

I hugged my bunny. I took its picture and I looked around my house filled to the brim with “hugs” from friends whichever way I looked.

Maybe its that I’m a terrible interior decorator but I like to think it’s just that I have excellent taste in friends.

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