Still Life With Popcorn

Still life with popcorn… or the start of a nefarious tale in which a squid, a fish and an angry octopus meet in the dark of the sea.

Do you see shapes in your popcorn?

6 comments on “Still Life With Popcorn

  1. jenanita01 says:

    I see those shapes in these!

  2. Kathy Justus says:

    The one in the middle looks like a turkey. Or maybe I’m just hungry for Thanksgiving dinner…

  3. kirizar says:

    I love this so hard. I might hurt myself.

    Also, I hope your Nano isn’t sucking the wind from your sails. Last night I shopped on Amazon instead of writing. That’s how my story is going. 😦

  4. Steven says:

    well I do *NOW.*

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