Holding on While Letting Go

Granny taught me things all my life.

How to do dishes, set a table, sew and host a guest. That you can eat popcorn for dinner, how to sing “Dirty Lil” and play solitaire. That you can have a temper and be unfailingly polite and that there is always room for chocolate.

In the end, as her days wound down, she was still teaching me how to hold on tight to all that matters while letting go.

Barbara Jean Connell

November 21, 1924 – December 15, 2021

6 comments on “Holding on While Letting Go

  1. barbtaub says:

    My deepest sympathies on your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts at this sad time.

  2. Georgia Rose says:

    My condolences, to you and all the family. You have lost someone wonderful and my thoughts are with you.

  3. Sharon Jacobson says:

    Now just think of all those wonderful memories of your grandma! The fact that your husband and children got to know her is also a blessing!

  4. Helen says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Love to you and all your family, Jessie.

  5. What a wonderful lady, she will be greatly missed…

  6. Jessica Yoeckel says:

    So many memories made with those treasured and aged hands… such a blessing for you to have had her in your life…such a lot to let go of…peace to you

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