J is for… Joy

Sometimes when I’m taking pictures, I catch the moment while missing the “perfect” picture.

Often those are perfect pictures anyway.

Jane delighting in spring weather, running with a stick over her head like a flag and a dog following behind her was joy incarnate. It was only after yesterday’s post that I realized that “Jane” herself could be my letter “j”.  Apparently I forget what my kids’ names are on a regular basis…

I am photo blogging through the alphabet this month with…

I is for… Ivy

Tip of the day:

If you are the kind of person who requires multiple hours and large vats of caffeine to morph from something with the brain power of pond slime to the, relatively, normal functioning human being you become after 10am (eh, who am I kidding) 10pm, don’t ask your kids questions without thinking about them first.

Me: *On the way to school, only half way through my first cup of tea.* “Hey girls, I have to take a picture of something that starts with an “I” today, might be a tricky one, let me know if you see anything good.”

Ivy: “Umm… Me?”

This pro parenting tip has been brought to you by caffeinated beverages, embarrassed laughter and the letter “I”.



I am photo blogging through the alphabet this month with…