Z is for… Zip Tie

I’m fairly convinced that most projects can be accomplished with nothing but the cunning use of zip ties.

This line of zip ties is, cunningly, attaching panels of light weight, small holed fencing over the top of the hog panels that my dad used to make my new, fantastic mobile duck and goose house.

The double layer of wire will be strong and has small enough openings to keep, as my husband calls them, rotten ____ ____ ____ raccoons, from getting in. (Fill in the blanks as you please, but if it’s a word that’s complimentary or something you could say in front of a 3-year old, it’s probably not the word that goes there.)

Just a few more finishing touches (insulation and a tarp over the top) and we will be ready to move the birds in!


…And this completes my month of photo blogging through the alphabet! 


V is for …. Vulture

Turkey Vulture if you want to be specific.

I always know when they are flying over the house because my bird dog came with a Vulture Alert System.

Perhaps it’s the frustration of having big bird that he can’t point leisurely sail by, perhaps he suspects that there is something smelly and dead nearby that he doesn’t get to roll in, or maybe he just hates vultures.   Whatever the reason, he goes tearing across the lawn barking at them.




I guess it works, they’ve never tried to infiltrate his yard and it is a very handy habit if you need a “V” picture…


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