Duck Hunters are Nuts

Duck hunters are nuts.

Sane people do not load boats on a truck in these conditions:DSCN0110-(sm) Thanks to Jane and her night of yelling we were off to a late start and so the boats were loaded in the cold and snow but not in the dark. Thank you (?) Jane.

Boats on, we successfully left our house at 8:20 AM for our big Kansas hunting adventure.

Then we successfully left our house at 8:37 – with life jackets.DSCN0113-(sm)

Duck hunters are nuts.

I am not a duck hunter.

Unfortunately my sanity has been questioned anyway on account of this whole driving to Kansas, staying in a camper and bird hunting with a 1,3 and 5 year old.

But I must say, half a day of driving and so far, so good.

Only 440 more miles to go…