I’ve Caved

I’ve caved to peer pressure.

No, I’m not wearing shoes – that would be crazy!

… or socks…

Yes, I’m still wearing my ratty hooded sweatshirt.

No! I’m not giving up Diet Coke either! What are you nuts!?My Diet Coke!

No, none of those insane things.

It’s just that my blog now has a Facebook page.

Alright, alright…

Once the laughter of those of you who know me well dies down I’d super appreciate it if you went checked it out and, you know, proved to me this Facebook stuff is all it’s cracked up to be.

You can click here: Behind the Willows

Or find your way there through that little widgety thing on the sidebar to your right.

And as reward for all your troubles I’ve posted at least three never before seen photos there.

Yup, three whole photos. That’s me, Facebook master…