Toe Jam

Tyler and I both have a tendency to come down with athletes foot.

I have taken the prevention route by never wearing socks and shoes.

This is a technique that earns me odd looks, smart alec comments, and cold toes in December but prevents the problem outright.

Tyler wears steel-toed boots all day.

He is far beyond prevention.

Tonight I found out Tyler’s most effective cure for his athletes foot. It was a cure I found to be disturbing, disgusting and frankly down right fascinating. Tonight I watched his dog Turk lick every little crevice of Tyler’s feet and then chew off anything that wouldn’t lick off. 

I hate licking dogs.

I really really do. The licking, the repetitive slurping noise, the fact that dogs seem to do it most often in quiet house late at night. Just thinking about it makes me want to yell at a dog. YEECH!

Take a licking dog and add to that Tyler’s feet, (Which I will not describe because this post already includes more information about either of our feet than anyone wanted to know, but I will point out that his athletes foot is bad enough to welcome Turks treatment!) and I was squirming as I watched in horror and fascination the treatment Tyler’s feet were getting.

Tyler, because he is after all my little brother, just laughed at me and encouraged his dog.

So I took pictures to post online after he went to bed.

Siblings, aren’t they great!?!

Personally I’m sticking with cold toes in December!