Planning the Future

I am great at planning for the future.

I have a yearly step by step plan on how I’m going to finally get myself those goats that I’ve always wanted.

I know which trees we should take down for firewood now and which ones I want to take down next year.

I have the order figured out for all the things I would build as we finish the upstairs of the garage.

I know what trees and shrubs I want to plant next year and where I want to plant them.

Put me in front of one of our apple trees and I’ll tell you which branches we are going to prune now, which ones we will prune next year and what branches we are using to eventually replace old limbs.

I even know where we are going on vacation this year and when we are doing it.

What? Tomorrow?

Psh! Tomorrow! That little day doesn’t matter!

Which is why “today” always greets me with terrible surprises. Did you know that people, particularly small people, expect to eat three meals a day? I hear that this is easier if you plan ahead and that sometimes people even do this as soon as the day before.

I wouldn’t know.

In other terrible news of “today,” I hear they are going to want to eat three times again tomorrow! But I can’t possibly plan what that might be because I’m far too busy running in circles doing all these things that I planned last week/month/year that for some super strange reason now need to be done today!

It’s shocking.

Every day it’s shocking.

So I make lists.lists

Sadly, I can’t always read them.

So, it’s still shocking.

But I am great at planning for the future, just ask me about my multi-year landscaping plan…