According to John…

Hey Honey…


•What is something I say a lot?

Go away.

I do not!

Have you ever met you in the morning?


•How tall am I? 5′ 7 3/4”

Nicely done. 

•If I became famous, what would it be for?

Writing books.

If only we could get that first one on amazon…

•What makes you proud of me?

Writing books!

Aww thanks honey! 

•What is my favorite food?

Chocolate… cake… quesadillas. Things make with flour and cheese that aren’t good for you. No erase all of that -Diet coke (Brother asks if a noncaloric item can be considered food.) No,  M&M cookies from the bp gas station.

I do love all these things.

•What is my favorite restaurant?

Please tell me so I know!


Eh, I eat there lots but favorite… 

•If I could live anywhere, where would I be?

Somewhere where no one is around you, cold and barren and by yourself. Really you are missing out, Siberia is the key place for you. (Brother says: Just trade whiskey for vodka, you’ll be set.)

They are snotty but not exactly wrong…

•What do I do to annoy you?

Don’t know how to find the garbage can when there is a wrapper in your hand. Y0u makes cakes and never ever, ever, clean up after yourself. Especially frosting.

Because you need to save extra frosting in case you make something else…

•What is my favorite movie?

French Kiss, Beauty and the Beast…(brother says: Triple X) You do like Triple X!

All true and I’m beginning to understand where Clara got her definition of favorite from

•You get a phone call that I’m in trouble. Who am I with?

Sarah, or your mom.


Photo again courtesy of Aunt Helen 

Be a Better Spouse Challenge

The author of  Motherhood Uncensored is doing a “be a better spouse challenge” for the month of March.

John and I discussed that while we are already perfect, it couldn’t hurt to stay that way so we are going to follow along.

If you are interested you can find the first day here Day 1: Let bygones be bygones.

Keep in mind that this is from “Motherhood Uncensored” I doubt this will be your normal self help program, instead it’s bound to be, interesting, humorous, thought provoking and, of course, completely uncensored.