I’m In It For The Candy

I took the girls trick or treating without John for the first time today.

It was all tears and fights and 37 million costume changes – before we left the house.

But eventual I took a pumpkin, a  princess and a fairy (who abandoned her wings and turned into a princess) out in the rain and despite wet feet, cold rain and a late start they ended up with quite a haul of candy.


My friend Jessie was roped into the photo by Ivy because her scrubs, which she has cleverly hid behind Jane, were Halloween themed. She is also smarter than I am, or perhaps not as desperate for Milky-Way bars, as she declined our offer to join us in our “fun” night.

The house looked like a bomb went off, I’ve never had so much crying while doing something “fun” and the only one who consistently smiled and wished everyone “Happy Halloween!” was the same one who announced to all who would listen, “I a punkin!”

But that pile of candy is loaded with mini Milky-Way bars so it was probably worth it.