Monkey Monkey Monkey by Cathy MacLennan (and Other Monkey Books)

This is Jane:Jane peeking through gate

She likes monkeys.

After reading Hug and Little Gorilla (yes, I know, they aren’t actually monkeys) 7,000 times we got a copy of Caps For Sale and read it 200,000 times. Then I got smart and asked my local librarian to help find some monkey books.

Sock Monkeys Do The Monkey Monkey sounds intriguing and Jane loved it. The problem is that it’s sock monkeys doing the hokey pokey. No offense to William B Windburn because his sock monkey photos are great, I just happen to hate the hokey pokey.

We both were satisfied with Busy Monkeys but it’s a two word a page board book which turns into a parental bored book awful quickly.

Then Monkey Monkey Monkey showed up.

She loved it.

The other girls liked it.

The illustrations are super cute.

I have never said nor heard the word monkey so often in my life.

It’s catchy.

It rings in your head after you are done.

I put it on the pile to return to the library.

I took it off and kept it an extra week.

I debated but put it on the pile the next week.

I debated more and took it back off.

I debated more and put it back on.

The kids took it off and we read it again.

Everyone wandered off saying “Monkey wants some monkey nuts. Monkey, monkey, monkey nuts.”

I decided we were all going insane, put it at the bottom of the pile and threw it in the book return as soon as possible.

Would I recommend it? If you’ve got a monkey loving child and a high tolerance for the word monkey it’s mostly perfect.

These are by no means all of the monkey books we’ve read in the last few weeks. Curious George has been a regular as well as a few terrible books I shall not mention here and many that had monkeys featuring as minor characters.

Any other favorite monkey (or gorilla she doesn’t seem to be too picky) books you can recommend?

Monkeys At The Park

I went to the park and I found these noisy monkeys.

They hooted and grunted, jumped up and down, made faces and climbed the bars of their cage.

They were very entertaining monkeys.

But even all their noisy antics couldn’t compare with those of the Monkey King.

Yup, that’s my husband.

The biggest monkey of them all.DSCN3280-(3sm)