The Oak

There are sights I try to capture with my camera, knowing I will end up with nothing more than a scrap of the experience.

Merely a taste of a memory that must be recalled and revisited.

I have not the skills to truly capture the way this old oak rises into view through a break in the trees, towering over everything.
Truly immense in size, it is a tree that demands to be admired.
A tree that stops you in your tracks, forcing you to look up past the animal runways scratched into it’s thickly crevassed bark, up to the branches that twist and turn far, far above.

Then once you tear yourself away to continue on, it is merely to stop, turn back and look upon it from a fresh angle as if you have doubted your senses and need to confirm that it is still standing, still real.DSCN8972-(3sm)

I am happy with my pictures, but they’ll never reproduce that feeling of awe inspired insignificance that standing under this old oak tree can.

A fact that gives me faith that the world is just as it should be.