The sudden temperature jump into the 90’s  has been a bit of a shock.

The sheep have been panting in the shade.

The dogs have been panting in the shade.

The chickens have been panting in the shade.

The pigs on the other hand don’t pant so we made them a nice mud wallow to cool off in.

They seemed appreciative, as far as pig appreciation goes.

Ivy watched them roll in the mud, became inspired and shed her clothes at a run to the nearest puddle.

She convinced Clara to join her as well, sadly Clara was a bit too concerned about belly button cleanliness to fully enjoy the experience.

Dinner Fail

Tonight dinner was a failure.

We all dutifully ate some and declared it bad.

Then, after crossing out the recipe in the cookbook with a Sharpie marker, John looked at the remains on the table and said, “What are we going to do with it?”

Ivy gleefully answered, “Feed it to the chickens!”

I thought that was ridiculous, this was clearly something the pigs would enjoy more.

We dropped it off for them on our way out the door.

McDonalds may not be fantastic, but at least it’s dependable.

*note: This is not a picture of the pigs eating our dinner, our dinner was not that good looking.*