New Toothbrush?

I have always struggled with remembering when it is you are supposed to get a new toothbrush. I’m sure there is a rule of thumb, I’m just unclear what it is.

Once a month?

Every six months?

When the bristles squish out?

I’m sure there are “rules” about this, but my squeamishness of all things tooth related makes me unwilling to google it. (Sort of like how someone with arachnophobia would be unwilling to google “Black Widow” no matter how much they love their Marvel universe). I suspect it doesn’t matter.  In our house a toothbrush would never make it that long anyway.

Because a new toothbrush is probably warranted when they fall in the garbage.

Or when you lose it.

Or when you forget to pack one on vacation.

Or when a dog chews on it.

Or when the kids use it to scrub the sink and mirrors.

But one thing I know for certain.

When Jane explains to me that she had to use her toothbrush to push the used toilet paper off the seat into the toilet because otherwise her hand would get dirty. Then it is, for sure, time for a new toothbrush.

This has nothing to do with toothbrushes of any age.

This has nothing to do with toothbrushes of any age. Cassie is just cuter than any toothbrush I’ve encountered.

Afterwards, when the horror had left my face, and I was done explaining why that was a bad idea as well as why she no longer had a toothbrush.  I thought about the matter of fact way she used her toothbrush to do her dirty work while I was watching and wondered what else I hadn’t seen…

New toothbrushes – all around!