The Books Behind the Willows


I have always loved books.
Book reviews….well… that’s a different story.
Personally, when looking for a new book to read I don’t want to wade through a lengthy, vaguely pompous review that tells me at least half of the things that will happen in the shelf
I want short.
I want concise.
I want no spoilers.
I want to turn to a friend whose judgement I trust and ask, “Hey, got any good book recommendations?”

These mini-reviews are just that. I will tell if I’d recommend it to you with or without caveats. I will do my best avoid long pretentious words and phrases (but as per previous sentence I don’t always succeed). And they will always avoid spoilers.

Follow the links below to search the shelves of previously read books. Find a new book to read, tell me what you thought of those you have also read or leave a comment below with your own recommendations. I’m always looking for new books and, since you are here, Behind The Willows, I’m sure your judgment in such matters is excellent!





Young Adult


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