River Run

Yesterday was the 37th Annual Pewaukee River Run. I have no pictures of it because, well, I’m usually the one with the camera and I was busy with a paddle. Lets just say it was cold and rainy, we still managed to have fun and predictably my mom and Donna came in first (8th year in a row) and Stephanie and I came in second (seventh year in a row).

The awards given for placing in your division are about as predictable as where we placed, you get an unvarnished pine board that has a fill in the blank award tacked under Plexiglas to the front of it, and no hanger on the back. A few years ago I was trying to figure out what to do with my pile of pine boards. Not quite fancy enough for the living room, but I didn’t really want to throw them out, after all I paddled hard to get that pile! So this is what I came up with…Steph and I both hung the last seven years worth of our plaques on the wall of my brooder house. It adds a little festivity and gives the chicks something to read… . After I hung the most recent additions up this afternoon I got this questioning look from a chick, I’m pretty sure she, and a good number of other people I might add, wanted to know why we haven’t beaten those “old ladies” (those were the chick’s words not mine!) yet. And chicken (and the rest of you) here is what I have to say about that:

1) I picked the wrong boat for the race. Really wrong, stupid wrong, blaming it on a complete lack of sleep kind of wrong. (Did you know that if you only get 5 hours of sleep for a week it’s like having a blood alcohol level of 0.1 percent? That’s my newest fun fact. I’m not sure how to calculate 6 hours of broken sleep but I think it’s bad. Wait, was I talking about boats?)

2) Those ladies are fast!

And so in the tradition of my very speedy mother I’d like to talk smart while I still can.

We won’t be bringing the slow boat to the rest of the races this year, so those two better watch out, I’m running now after all!

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4 comments on “River Run

  1. Jim Connell says:

    I'm glad to hear you had a good race but not so happy that you couldnt shut down those Title IX Chicks. Looks like an old fat guy from Michigan is going to have to come over there and put them in their place.(Who do you think taught your mother how to talk smart?)

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