Bad Night

I posted this last night and for reasons unknown to me it didn’t pop up on top, so here it is front and center and I’ll work on figuring out what I’m doing for next time!

It was a bad night. Two girls who did NOT want to go to sleep. I’ll spare you all the details and instead share two pictures that help remind me that they aren’t always monsters.

Clara has for the most part been an easy going baby, she’s had her issues but in general she’s as sweet as she looks in this picture. She’s scooting around on the verge of true crawling and true trouble making as she explores every inch of her world. Today the Occupational Therapist gave Clara her stamp of approval. Torticollis is doing great and we don’t have to go back she just needs to keep crawling!

Ivy’s got so much to say lately, and while sometimes I want to go stick cotton in my ears because she NEVER STOPS TALKING it’s so fun to hear about what’s going on in that head of hers. Because believe me if it’s being thought about it’s being talked about. Some of my favorite comments of her’s today:

On seeing a dead frozen quail in our freezer: Oh Mom, that quail is so nice Mom, so nice and so dead, that quail is so dead Mom. (All spoken in a nice soft sort of voice)

On the state of things part way through the Bad Night: “We going to live happily ever after, I was really naughty but now I good and we going to live happily ever after.”
This picture, totally Ivy. I’m not sure if she’s making a face or just in the middle of talking but it makes me smile to see it.

So now I’ll go to bed and hope that the monsters from tonight will disappear and my sweet baby and chatty happy girl are the ones who greet me in the morning.

2 comments on “Bad Night

  1. woah mom, woah. 😉

  2. Corky says:

    Those pics totally make me smile too!

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