Little Helper

I like to teach Ivy how to do things.  Right now Ivy wants to help, and is old enough to actually do it herself, if a bit slower and messier. So I try to squash my impatience and teach her how to do whatever it is she would like to learn. She learns, we have fun, it’s all good!

For instance:

Ivy saw me folding laundry, she wanted to know how, now she folds her own laundry.

Ivy saw me sweeping the floor, she wanted to know how, now she sweeps up my dust piles and throws them away.

She’s learned how to get dressed by herself (which makes for interesting outfits some days), navigate in the kitchen better than perhaps she should (When you wake up to your kid bringing you a breakfast of Swedish Fish candy in bed what is the proper response?) she helps feed the ducks, dogs and chickens, etc, etc.

The other night she saw me taking clothes off the line and wanted to help. We’ve done that together before and her job is  taking the clothes out of and putting them back in the laundry basket. But not this night, this night she wanted to do the clothespins.  I did that squashing thing with my impatience, tried to ignore the dew settling on the clothes, and helped her.  She took every pin off and then would yell “Catch it!”   I would catch it and put it in the basket. We had fun, she getting good at the clothes pins by the end of three loads that were hanging, but I’m hoping for the sake of my shoulders that next time she’ll be happy being the laundry basket girl again!

2 comments on “Little Helper

  1. johnny says:

    haha! now you must take a picture of the next “interesting outfit” she puts together!

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