Peek-A Who by Nina Laden

I’ll start this post off with a confession. I received this book from a friend, and when I got it I thought it was dumb. There are few words, few pages, I didn’t even think a kid would like it.

I was totally wrong.

At 7 months old Clara loves this book. She laughs at every page, loves the mirror in the last one, and it has the added bonus of being a board book so even after it soaked in a pile of spit-up it’s still readable.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Baby giggles and grins are worth reading a book adults cringe at!

3 comments on “Peek-A Who by Nina Laden

  1. Susie says:

    If Clara likes “Peak-a-Who?” she will probably like “Ready, Set, Go!” also by Nina Laden.

  2. […] brought home Ready, Set, Go! after a recommendation that if we liked Peek-A-Who! we’d like this one too. And it’s true,Clara loved it and my favorite part was that Ivy […]

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