Reason #72 We Do A Lot of Laundry

Ivy likes to help feed Clara, and she’s pretty good at it. Ivy’s very careful while she is feeding her she  shows Clara signs for food and more, all in all she has been a very good helper. Ivy helps, I get to keep making dinner for the rest of us, everything goes great, until Clara’s arms streak out from her side and grab the spoon and shove it into her mouth like a kraken with a hobbit.

Forget about getting that spoon back ,  give it up and just get another one, I think it was easier to get the hobbit back from the kraken! This picture was taken early in the meal, they don’t look too messy, but believe me it got worse. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to how much worse, just think:

–  three year old

– baby kraken

– a  jar of sweet potato baby food…

…and another load of laundry!

3 comments on “Reason #72 We Do A Lot of Laundry

  1. I just read your posts about why you do so much laundry, and I couldn’t stop laughing! The pictures are so candid and the comments are hilarious. I have 5 children, most are grown, but I remember those days, when it was one load of laundry after another.

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