Barefeet and Sheep

Yesterday I went to help my cousins Sue and George with their sheep. There were nine of us working yesterday, if you count Clara, which you really shouldn’t.  Activities ranged from trimming hooves, worming, and vaccinating sheep to hydrating the sheep catchers, making lunch and watching Clara, which is why she doesn’t get to count as a helper.  I believe Sue said that we worked with about 150 ewes and their lambs, (but she can correct me if I’m wrong!) a big work day but one I try to help out with every year. 

I like to help out for quite a few reasons:

– George and Sue are always willing to help us out so it’s always good to reciprocate so they don’t just laugh next time we ask if they will come down with their weed wrench for the day and teach us more about building fences.

-Most of the people helping were family and it’s nice to see people and get some visiting in, between getting dragged around by sheep.

-Ten of the sheep got to come back to our house when we were done to inhabit our pastures for the summer.

-Nobody else lets me give them injections.

-I do not believe I am  alone in thinking there is something fun/satisfying in being able to catch a sheep and move it somewhere else, don’t ask me why, but don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

-But most of all, I got to see George working in his barefeet.

You see it just so happens that I hate wearing shoes, but not as much as I hate wearing socks, and so I go barefoot when possible. This means that I frequently get harassed about going barefoot, or wearing flip-flops in November,or about how I’m going to hurt myself, or get tetanus, or whatever the person harassing thinks is the biggest icky danger out there.  I of course think I’m completely reasonable in my shoe choices or lack there of, but when I watch George work I realize that it’s all relative. Yesterday I wore tennis shoes, with socks. * All the pictures in this post (except my bare toes) were taken by my Aunt Helen who added photo journalist and weeding to her list of chores yesterday.  Thanks for letting me use the pictures Helen!*

** It seems according to both my spell checker and Websters dictionary that barefeet is not a real word. I decided I don’t care, it should be and I’m using it anyway!**

2 comments on “Barefeet and Sheep

  1. johnny says:

    I am so sorry I missed this extravaganza! To bad so many people around here want their darn rocks broken!

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