Diet Coke Saves the Day… Again.

This week John has had to make up for being on vacation last week and so has been working long days. Long days as in he has not seen Clara other than at 2:00AM all week. Long days like Ivy has been watching for him to come home starting in the morning because she misses him. Long days as in I am having trouble remember to miss him instead of wanting to kick him in the shins (shins because I wouldn’t actually want to damage him because then I’d still be taking care of the house and girls by myself!) when he gets home because he’s been gone so long. And today, well today is Friday, Day Five, Day I Hope Your Dad Is Ready To Watch You All Weekend Because, “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!”

Here is a conversation between Ivy and I this morning.

Me:” Ivy please don’t put your feet on me while I’m changing a poopy diaper.”

Ivy puts feet back on me.

Me: “Ivy get your feet off me.”

Ivy takes feet off and says: “Be QUIET!”

Me:…. (gladly shutting up it’d been one of those mornings, and I was currently winning this battle)

Ivy “Mom don’t talk any more.”


Ivy “Mom I said be quiet”


Ivy: “Be QUIET”


Ivy “Mom don’t talk to me!”



Me: “OK! I won’t talk to you.” (even though it has become very obvious that more attention is what she is looking for not less)

Ivy puts feet back on me.

Then I grabbed another Diet Coke becuase in the words of my friend Sarah:

“Diet Coke helps me not want to strangle my kids.”

So we have arrived at nap (‘NO MOM, NOT NAP REST!!!”) time with two live children, and multiple dead Diet Cokes. It’s not a perfect solution, I’m running low on Diet Coke and I’ve had a few more bathroom breaks than normal today but it aught to get us all through ’till Saturday!

Note: Diet Coke consumed today has been out of regular cans. This cutie next to my little desk gargoyle is, well,  cute, and good for pictures, not for maintaining sanity!

One comment on “Diet Coke Saves the Day… Again.

  1. Cara says:

    Glad to hear you have live children. Thank goodness for Coke products (I prefer regular). I think they saved my life as a child(except my Mom’s was always in a mug and tasted funny)and they continue to allow me to be with my children. Drink up!

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