Sister in Training

Ivy has already put Clara in training, which is only right, she is the big sister after all.

Some of the things Ivy has been training Clara to do I could do without: high pitched squeaking at the dinner table, yelling nonsense words in the backseat of the truck, and Clara really didn’t need her sister telling her that dog food is delicious.

With other things it seems like Ivy might be trying to help. The best example of this is trying to teach Clara sign language. We taught Ivy signs when she was a baby, loved the results and so are trying to do so again with Clara. The trouble is that Ivy is “helping.”  Sometimes she helps by giving Clara what ever it is she wants, without being like mean ol’mom who waits for a sign. But perhaps most frustrating is her tendency to make up random hand motions for Clara and pretend they are signs.  I’m hoping Clara will be able to pull something useful out of the whole experience but my hopes are dimming as time goes on.

Of course there are other things that Ivy is training Clara in that are truly helpful. Ivy teaches her how to play somewhere else while I’m cooking dinner, they are working on how to walk, and like every good Tom Sawyer Ivy is teaching her about her new job.

Ivy loves it when Clara comes out to check on the sheep with her, and because she is with her big sister Clara loves it too!

Sometimes looking up to your big sister is a literal sort of thing.

Ivy’s only disappointment with Clara’s training so far is that she hasn’t yet managed to teach her how to climb the fence, fortunately Clara is just happy to be out counting sheep with her sister!

So given all the training Clara’s had recently I shouldn’t have been surprised when I realized throughout the day that the “BAAS”  Clara was producing weren’t at all random…… she was looking for sheep!

One comment on “Sister in Training

  1. ThinkBigMuch says:

    Love it! Love it! I can’t believe how much Clara has changed since last month!

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