Halloween Hater

I hate Halloween. It is just too scary for me!

What a wimp, I know, whatever, I can’t help it.

I just have no desire to purposefully scare myself. Scary movies, no thank you. In the brief years we had a TV, I used to try not to watch anything around this time of year. Partly because even regular shows tried to sneak Halloween in, but mostly to avoid the commercials. Even trying to watch the news, or some other innocuous show, ads for horror movies and overly creepy shows would be on everywhere.  Some people have said that perhaps growing up without a TV, I was never “desensitized” to such things.  I am still at a loss as to why it would be a good thing to want to watch horror movies, shows, scary ads on television, or read most of Stephen King’s books…  I don’t even like creepy yard decorations.  In addition to the fact that I think it’s all disgusting, disturbing, not to mention oft times down right frightening on first seeing (or let’s be honest, accidentally seeing….. I avoid these things like the plague) Halloween “stuff,”  it’s the nightmares that get me.

For example last night I spent a super fun evening with friends doing one of the only things related to Halloween that I do enjoy, carving pumpkins.  John and I were way out of our -triangle-circle-oval-face-  league with our pumpkin carving expert friends with their scoopers, saws, books and mad carvings skills. Check out this eyeball!

As I was picking out patterns I rejected one book completely joking the patterns were way too scary for me and bound to give me nightmares.

Apparently I shouldn’t have joked about it.

Maybe my comment gave my subconscious a nasty idea, maybe I am just that wimpy about scary things. Whatever the case last night I had a grade A nightmare, complete with zombie like creatures, faces being ripped off, epic zombie battles, fire breathing dragons, space travel, spies, traitors, and one attacking wild boar. As I struggled to get back to sleep without falling back into the dream I eventually woke John up and made him talk to me with all the lights on. My -I-never-remember-my-dreams-much-less-have-nightmares- husband is fairly supportive in the middle of the night but I think it only strengthens his case that I am indeed a “crackpot.”  Unfortunately John’s patience wore out before I was over my nightmare and he went back to bed. It was then I discovered an upside to crying babies and a kid who plays musical beds in the middle of the night…

…you can’t have a nightmare if you’re not sleeping!

And that was just from carving pumpkins.

I hate Halloween.

15 comments on “Halloween Hater

  1. Jenny says:

    Those are awesome carved pumpkins! I couldn’t get out of my nightmare last night…it was all about decorating a cake. Nothing was going right. It all steamed from the uglest cake I have ever decorated and while trying to decorate it late last night Henry wouldn’t go to sleep. So Jack thought he could “play” downstairs while I worked on the cake. Yeah Right! Not when there is frosting spread every where. He kept going to the silverware drawer and bringing different utencils to stab my cake.

    • Jessie says:

      Bad dreams that are too close to reality are no good, not to mention confusing. When I was middle school/ high school age and I’d get up in the morning I’d often fall back asleep on the couch and dream that I was still getting ready and then be ultra confused when I’d wake back up to getting yelled at by my Mom for not being ready!

  2. Cara says:

    I 100% agree. I feel bad for my kids because I never get excited about what they want to be for Halloween. I hate scary movies, scary music, suspense, ghost stories around the campfire – anything related to scariness or violence. Even those pumpkins, although beautifully carved are scary. I understand there is a physiological response that for some is apparently similar to that of other “high” inducing or exhilarating activities, but for me all it equates to is a sick feeling in my stomach and nightmares.

    I sometimes wonder if it is because I lack creativity and imagination – because know I do. I cant make up a bedtime story to save my life. When I was 5 I scolded a fellow kindergartener because she colored her dog blue and dogs were not blue. I have no desire to read Harry Potter, Twilight or any other fantasy based genre. I am trying not to pass on my disability to my children but it is difficult. This could all be bunk, but I would rather blame it on that than accept that I am a total wimp.

    The desensitized theory could hold some merit. We had TV growing up, but our viewing was closely guarded and there was no scariness or violence allowed. Hmm, that gets me off to another soap box about the media desensitizing kids to violence so I better stop here. In summary, you are not alone in hating Halloween and you are not a crackpot because of it.

    • Jessie says:

      So glad I’m not alone, though admittedly you blue dog story made me laugh! I’m with you all except for the fantasy books, I read lots of them, I think the difference is, I can close it and walk away if it’s extra freaky and so long as I stick with things that are really unlikely to actually happen, I’m ok. It’s murder mystery’s and the like I can’t handle. Then if I have to go outside in the dark I need to bring my dog with so I don’t scare myself silly with a way TOO active imagination!

  3. […] mentioned this before here but hate it or not it’s coming up and as with all holidays the library has kept us on track […]

  4. Imelda says:

    What carving talents your friends have, though I agree with you, I do not dig the designs too much. I also see no sense in having scary stuff around me, much less create them. 🙂

  5. Great job with the pumpkins! I’m not really a Halloween fan either…I never really liked scary things either!

  6. Tom says:

    This is what the Buddhist “Tricycle”-community delivered for Haloween:

    “The origin of all demons is in mind itself.
    When awareness holds on and embraces any outer object,
    It is in the hold of a demon.
    . . .
    As long as there is an ego, there are demons.
    When there is no more ego, there are no more demons either!
    If there is no ego, there is no more object to cut through,
    Nor is there any more fear or terror.
    Free from all extremes, co-emergent wisdom
    Give birth to the understanding of [the nature of] all phenomena.
    This is referred to as the fruit of liberation from the four demons.”

    I think, this is partial bullshit, and I’m happy that at least Germany is a Haloween-free country.

  7. […] you Grandma Pat), the last thing I want after experiencing the horrid-ness that is Halloween (I’m a Halloween hating curmudgeon, it’s true) is for all that effort turns into snot nosed, whining, crying, cold children who […]

  8. Firewaves21 says:

    I am so sorry. I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. It makes me sad that it would give anyone nightmares.

    • Jessie says:

      Oh, it’s not just Halloween… I just had a nightmare about Henry the Eighth, I’m an equal opportunistic sleeping brain when it comes to nightmare subjects! 😉

  9. tylersat99 says:

    Love the pumpkins, my husband always carves 1 or 2 scary ones. I’m with you, I cannot watch scarey, weird, people eating shows AT all or I have Terrible nightmares. I have been exposed to them since a small child but I still cannot make myself be in the same room!
    Mom of Newfs

    • Jessie says:

      Good to hear I’m not alone. I don’t even try to be in the same room like I did when I was younger. Because why? Why would I even want to watch such a thing!?!?

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