The Evolution of a Blog

In April when I started blogging on Blogger I was embarrassed and didn’t tell anyone about it.

By May I had moved to this site and started a second blog of book reviews.

In June I sloowwwwllllyyy started working on a blog for our farm (yet to be revealed, but much closer to completion!).

It took till September for me to fully come out of my blogging closet and admit to my entire e-mail address book that I had a blog.

Now here we are almost November(!) and I’m making more changes.

As of, well I guess right now (so if you are here and everything looks all wonky give it a bit I’m mid-construction!) The Books Behind the Willows site is getting incorporated into the Behind the Willows site.

This is something that I wanted to do from the get go but at the time I couldn’t come up with a way to set it up that made me happy.  Now I think I have finally come up with a plan that is workable. Here are the main changes:

-Archives have turned into Behind the Willows 2010 and will only contain archives of non-book review posts.

-While the book reviews will now show up on the main blog page all the titles will be categorized as before (including all the old posts), now to be found under Books Behind the Willows up on the top menu.

-In the side bar will now be a book topic “cloud” and a regular post topic “cloud.”

-Everyone will be required to read and give a two page book report on each book selected.

-Just kidding, I hated two page book reports, they always gave away the ending and too much of the plot.  I never give away the end and I try to keep plot details sparse.  The idea is to let you know if I think the book is a worthwhile read not to give so many details that there is no longer a point in reading it!

That’s it!

Let me know if I massively (or minorly) screw something up in the change over.

Keep leaving comments, I love them!

Thank you all for reading!

4 comments on “The Evolution of a Blog

  1. Corky says:

    I love your blog and all the pictures Jesse! Plus, I DO read your book reviews so keep them coming!

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks Corky! I’ll keep the reviews coming, just as soon as I finish slogging my way through Tippeary… it is not getting a favorable review!

      • Pat Eloranta says:

        Jessie, There is nothing wrong with abandoning a book that does not grab you. There are too many good ones out there to waste time on one that is painful.

        • Jessie says:

          I know, I do really, it’s just that I seem to have this stubborn streak. (Finnish perhaps?) And the stubborn part of me always makes it through, sometimes it’s worth it! The good part is that the same guy who handed down that bit of stubbornness also taught me how to read fast so I don’t waste TOO much time that way!

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