Obama Zombies by Jason Mattera

Well, it’s not much of a secret what my political views are if I read a book subtitled “How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.”

So, if you are already offended by the title no pressure to read the rest.

Of course it may make you feel slightly better to know I don’t recommend it.

On second thought I agreed with all the content, just not the delivery, so perhaps that’s not a positive for you after all.

Oh well, strike me from the Christmas card list if you must but here goes my little review…

This was book full of interesting comments and facts delivered in a completely obnoxious way.  It had  information on how the Obama campaign was run and the excellent job they did at attracting the youth vote, stuff that I was only vaguely aware of from this rock I live under. Unfortunately the author presents it in a yelly (yes I know this isn’t a word but I like it anyway), sarcastic, rude sort of way.  It’s one thing to read a quote or a comment and hear Mattera’s rebuttal of it, in fact much of that was well done and even amusing. Unfortunately then he would start “yelling” in the book as if he were talking to that person. I’m not a big fan of being yelled at as if I agree with the “Obama Zombies,” it was a complete turn off. For instance a section titled  “Piss Off a Liberal: Get a Job, Make Money, and Be Happy” had me laughing out loud until I read: “We need rick folks, idiots! Who the hell do you think cuts your paycheck?”  That pretty much sealed the deal for me,  thanks Jason, have a nice day, and next time you write a book try not to yell at the people reading it who agree with you!

Would I recommend it? No, there’s got to be better sources for the same information.

One comment on “Obama Zombies by Jason Mattera

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Jessie:
    I read this book too…Your review kinda made me chuckle because I didn’t think this was that great of a book either but for a pretty different reason. His style didn’t really bother me..he was passionate and I cut him a lot of slack since he was just in his mid 20’s when he wrote this book. I like young people stepping up to the plate and taking their swings at making a difference.

    The reason I didn’t like it was I thought the book was kind of boring…most of what he wrote about, I had already read somewhere else. And, if I remember right his views still seem pretty simplistic and sometimes not that well thought out…but, also not that unusual for his age..(like I said, I cut him lots of slack).

    If you want a read a book about politics from a guy who’s been knocked around a little by life, you could try “The Shadow Party” by David Horowitz. His parents were radicals in the 50’s (he referred to them as card-carrying communists)..he was also a radical until an incident with the Black Panthers (you can find this all on Wiki or some other bios). He wrote this interesting and kind of scary political book about the Democrat Party and the party working inside the party. The book kind of reminded me of peeling back an onion with layer after layer after layer. I haven’t looked at politics the same since.

    There’s also a newer book called “The Blueprint” by Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski. This one is more about the recent laws and bills passed or being considered and how they will impact us (most don’t appear too be good for us)…also, it has some explanations of how our laws, courts, congress, senate and presidency work. It was good but not too over my head…thank goodness!

    You sounded kind of hesitant to post a report about a book like this on your blog…but, I think it’s good that you did. Us people in the middle….the middle of the country, the middle between radical right and radical left, the middle between a $10,000 income and a $1,000,000 income, the just plain middle. Those of slogging it out every day, paying our taxes, feeding our kids, making ends meet without enough hours in the day…have far more in common with each other than either the capital R’s or the capital D’s want us to believe.

    I vote for “Post Away”. Conversation and kicking around different points of view is one of the “spices” of life.

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