The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

This book just wasn’t quite what I expected.

Which begs the question of just what was I expecting from “an unconventional memoir” of “how two Manhattanites became gentlemen farmers.”

I think the answer to that is that I was expecting more farming and less about the balancing act of relationships and life in general. Then I was disappointed and didn’t feel like being all introspective.

Then I found out that one of the men worked for Martha Stewart, in the words of my friend Katie, “Hilarious.”

Would I recommend it? Yes. It was funny, and introspective and it’ll do you good to read about gay farmers.

No. It was at times laugh out loud funny but at the end of the day it is a book about gay men (one an ex-drag queen) who start a small farm.  I think the nich of people who would enjoy such a book is too small to give it a full recomendation.

Heck, I’ve got no idea if anyone should read this, but I admit, I mostly liked it. If you want a peek at their lives you can check out their website here: maybe it’ll help you decide!

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