Doing Dishes

Since the dishwasher broke seven million years ago I have spent three bazillion hours washing 17 quadrillion dishes.


This morning when the girls wanted to help I handed the whole shebang over without hesitation.  As they were stripping down I was told they had to be naked because otherwise their clothes would get wet. Yet when they got redressed it was in different clothes, which is a whole different problem. That problem is called reason 3,001 why I do too much laundry, because when the kids take off damp clothes and throw them on the floor they are then dirty and they refuse to put them back on even though they get just as dirty on a daily basis. But back to the naked dishwashers…

I left them alone and did some work in the other room while listening to them sing songs about waterfalls, swimming and soap bubbles. Fifteen minutes later they had had enough. When we were done cleaning up they were clean, the chairs were clean, the counter and floor were clean and one spatula was clean. It’s a start. Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can get them to wash a spatula and a bowl!


2 comments on “Doing Dishes

  1. Helen says:

    Another real-life episode, wonderfully described,Jessie.

  2. quiltykanuck says:

    LOL! Love every word of this post! LOL!

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