Bring Your Own Chair

I’m afraid I’ve got a problem.

It started off innocently enough, John and I and our cats bought a little house in the country.

Then we got a dog. Her name is Piper, you may remember her by her other name, Best Dog Ever.  Piper, being a Great Dane, takes up a lot of room when she lays down, and Piper, being Piper, requires something comfortable to lay on.  The choices were to get the most gigantic dog bed ever and put it in our tiny house or give her the couch. We gave her the couch.

The Best Dog Ever is spoiled.

Don’t even think about taking her couch or she’ll give you the stink eye.

Then came Storm, Storm is only half the size of Piper and will lay on the floor, like, you know, a dog. But when Piper sleeps on the couch how can you begrudge Storm the recliner?

Along comes Trip. Once he was finally deemed worthy of being allowed into the living room Trip sized up the situation,  and found a recliner of his own.

Now my living room looks like this:

I live in a 1200 square foot house with my husband, two kids, three dogs and cat.

The only upside I can see is that if they were all on floor at the same time I wouldn’t actually be able to walk through my house.

3 comments on “Bring Your Own Chair

  1. Helen says:

    If it were our house when I had little kids, I’d have had to clean up clutter before taking the photo of the dogs in their chairs. Otherwise no one could have seen the dogs.

    • Jessie says:

      Well one of the benefits of the dog take over is that we don’t actually use our living room much! Also with Trip still in the “I’ll eat anything I can find” stage the puppy reachable areas in the kitchen and living room have been picked up by necessity the last month! A bonus to getting the puppy I didn’t foresee!

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