You can’t live with ’em and you just can’t shoot ’em.

Or maybe that was men.

Either way I’m still hating computers… except for when I love them.

Or maybe that is men?

Right now I sort of hate them.


Not men, or really man, before I get myself in trouble with John.

John is good.

Love him.

Hate the computers.

Now that we’ve got that straight…

Our regular computer died.


Again it seems to be a terminal issue.

 I’m thinking of shooting it but I can’t get Trip interested enough to point it.

We do have a backup computer now, which is great and I love.

 Except for when I hate it.

The problem is the back up computer is old.

It has four USB ports.

I have 76 things that would like a USB port.

One of them is my cameras card reader.

But even if I mange to get that into a port it completely freaks out the computer.

As in constant beeping while the mouse cursor jiggles it’s way across the screen full scale computer freak out.

Why a computer would do that is beyond me, maybe Trip would point this one…

But then I would be cut off from the internet and I’d have to go cry and we don’t want that.

In the meantime I think I’ll go make a wish on an empty Diet Coke can.

I hear that’s what you do when you are out of Diet Coke on a rainy day and you desperately need the Diet Coke fairy to come deliver a fresh one.

I think I’ll look for an empty Milky Way bar wrapper while I’m at it…

One comment on “Computers

  1. Corky says:

    Must be something in the air….my computer died. Now I’m on my laptop that I need a magnifying glass to see anything on…..but if I lived closer I would definitely be there with the Diet Coke! (love the visual with Trip pointing your computer.)

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