The computer is working!

For now…

Having a computer that sort of, kind of, sometimes works is both more useful than one that does nothing at all and infinitely more frustrating.

But, it’s working now and so quick before it crashes I give you….

A duck!
Ancona duck

Not just any duck, this little lady came to me all the way from Washington State and will, if all goes well, be the mama to some new fluffy ducklings come spring.

Actual spring that is, not this 60 degree February nonsense that’s been going on the last week.

The ducks (and the geese and the chickens) have all enjoyed getting out and foraging in this ridiculous weather.  But despite hearing the siren song of spring myself on these last few warm days,  I’m not believing it. I see freezing temperatures in the forecast and no matter how nice that sun feels or how excited I am for fluffy new arrivals – it’s still February.

And there will be no duck babies until real spring arrives!



Kitten on the Keys

Not this kitten on the keys…

… but rather this kitten…Fiona

…on my laptop keys.

Fiona, amazing cat that she is, can turn off the keyboard just by sitting on it.

Unfortunately, mere mortal human that I am, the same technique did not work for me to turn it back on.

It took many more tries, using fancy things like fingers – applied with a minor knowledge of computers, mixed with creative mouse work and finally the keyboard works again! Easter Egg in treeAnd so, sadly, after all that, Easter egg hunting photos will have to wait for another day.

Got Cheeks?

We’ve got cheeks, what we are lacking is a proper functioning computer/internet.

Unfortunately my technical skills consist of arguing with the computer, turning it off and on and then swearing at it.

Even more unfortunately none of these excellent trouble shooting methods seem to be improving things.

Until I either expand my skill set or professional help is brought in the blog posting may be a bit sparse.

Wish me luck!

Here are a few quotable moments from the last few days that I haven’t shared due to our technical issues:

John: “How come every day when I get in my car there are fresh dog tracks on the windshield?”

Me speaking to Clara: “NO! You have to wipe with toilet paper, ONLY toilet paper.”

Clara: “…fortunately I left my shoes in the truck…”

Ivy:  Since we love Ivy I shall decline to share what she has been saying. Suffice it to say while she has been doing great at school the transition has been rough!



You can’t live with ’em and you just can’t shoot ’em.

Or maybe that was men.

Either way I’m still hating computers… except for when I love them.

Or maybe that is men?

Right now I sort of hate them.


Not men, or really man, before I get myself in trouble with John.

John is good.

Love him.

Hate the computers.

Now that we’ve got that straight…

Our regular computer died.


Again it seems to be a terminal issue.

 I’m thinking of shooting it but I can’t get Trip interested enough to point it.

We do have a backup computer now, which is great and I love.

 Except for when I hate it.

The problem is the back up computer is old.

It has four USB ports.

I have 76 things that would like a USB port.

One of them is my cameras card reader.

But even if I mange to get that into a port it completely freaks out the computer.

As in constant beeping while the mouse cursor jiggles it’s way across the screen full scale computer freak out.

Why a computer would do that is beyond me, maybe Trip would point this one…

But then I would be cut off from the internet and I’d have to go cry and we don’t want that.

In the meantime I think I’ll go make a wish on an empty Diet Coke can.

I hear that’s what you do when you are out of Diet Coke on a rainy day and you desperately need the Diet Coke fairy to come deliver a fresh one.

I think I’ll look for an empty Milky Way bar wrapper while I’m at it…