I Don’t.

You know how you hear stories about women becoming unnaturally upset with their husbands while in labor?

I wasn’t.

He was reading aloud Peter Capstick’s accounts of water buffalo attacks, what’s to be upset about?

It seems more natural to be upset that John got to move and play and go places in the first week or so after Jane was born while I took care of her.

I wasn’t.

The desire to leave the house wasn’t even close to stronger than the desire to take naps with my new baby.

Perhaps a screaming fit could have occurred when faced with poopy diaper #5,689 with two year old helping and husband at company Christmas party.

I didn’t.

He deserved a night off after a few weeks of nonstop caring for all his girls.

When I’m  awake late at night with Jane while John sleeps…

I don’t.

So long as I don’t dwell on how I’ll feel the next day it’s often nice and peaceful up at night with Jane.

But when I’m awake late at night with Jane while John snores

…I seriously consider grabbing his lower lip and pulling it over his head while screaming all sorts of irrational things and blaming him for the entire experience.

I don’t.

But perhaps I see what those women in labor are all about now.

3 comments on “I Don’t.

  1. Jenny says:

    I second that! It is the snoring or the peaceful sleeping that bothers me when I am the one that is awake.

  2. jaymarie says:

    I guess I should finish my coffee before I get to the end of your posts…or be prepared to clean off the computer.
    sorry love. snorers make me want to do all kinds of evil. I get it.

  3. Jessie says:

    Glad to hear I’m not alone in my feelings about snoring, and sorry about your coffee Jaymarie!

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