Political Advice

With upcoming elections of all sorts I’ve some advice for the politicians.

-It’s the major angle they all seem to be missing.

-It’s the issue that will endear them to parents everywhere, no matter the rest of their platform.

Politicians, whoever you are, just stand up in front of the cameras and declare:

“I shall abolish daylight savings time.”

Can’t you just hear the cheering already?

-The mothers, rejoicing that never again shall nap time be moved by an obnoxious, arbitrary, hour?

-The fathers, thrilled that never again shall they randomly attempt to shift bed time in any direction?

It’d work.

Trust me.

I know stuff.

Not about politics.

But I know that when the time changes our life feels like it goes upside down in a rainy mud puddle…

…doesn’t yours?

7 comments on “Political Advice

  1. thinkbigmuch says:

    The other suggestion I have is to move the Spring time change to a Tuesday (if we have to keep it). Who wants to miss an hour of weekend???

  2. Cara says:

    Since (even after 14 years and 4 kids) I have never mastered the art of a schedule or routine, it hasnt really bothered us too much. I actually found it useful this year since the two littlest ones started getting up at 530 (40 minutes earlier than necessary) about 10 days before the switch. Now, heres hoping they can go til 630 on the weekend.

    • Jessie says:

      Cara! It’s so nice to hear from you again!
      Mine have serious bed time issues. For instance last night and tonight they didn’t’ fall asleep until after 9 (the old 8, not so bad) yet this morning they woke up at 7,which is the old 6 and thats just really not enough sleep. And since they used to sleep until at least 7 it doesn’t’ even make sense!In the fall the opposite happens, either way they stay up later and then wake up earlier and we have a week of pain trying to get everything straightened out and everyone sleeping enough again. It doesn’t’ even make sense, shouldn’t I they end up getting sleep on one end or the other???
      Forgive my rambling, it was just a long noisy crying sort of a bed time around here… I think I’ll go eat this milkyway bar I found and do the dishes…

      • Cara says:

        We have had bedime issues too and I dont expect that to get better since it is hard to come in the house when it is light and nice weather outside. Especially with the weather coming up. I too wonder why they dont feel they need the sleep. They are so much more fun to be with when they get enough.

        On another topic…I made the choc chip cookie dough dip. It did not go over well. Apparently I have cookie dough snobs. My flax meal must be too course because it was a little grainy feeling. Maybe if I left that out it might work. Although I have to admit I could taste the base ingredent too. I also think if I served it with a salty pretzel instead of a spoon, it might distract the senses enough to sneak it by.

  3. Jenny says:

    This was the first year I didn’t notice anything negative about the time change.

  4. Jessie says:

    Cara, on the choc. chip cookie dough. be sure you didn’t over chickpea it. I was just talking to a friend who dumped in the can, made it thought it was kinda overly chickpeay and then checked the recipe and saw that her can had more in it than the recipe called for. Just an idea. It could also be that Clara (and the rest of us) hardly ever get regular cookie dough anymore so anything that tastes similar seems great!

  5. Gramp & Granny says:

    Jessie, The thing about day light savimgs that really gets me is that so many people actually think they DO get an extra hour of the day. I guess it is 25 hour days now. Doh !!! GRANNY

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