Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? III

Most recently in exclamations that shouldn’t have to be exclaimed we have:


Ducks today after thunderstorm, look at all the green and budding trees!

The biggest difference in today’s edition is that this was not yelled at a kid.

It was yelled at the dog.

A certain brown and white spotted dog who is endeavoring to be perfect but keeps doing things like laying on ducks which is preventing him from achieving that golden pedestal at the moment.

Trip and the ducks (in particular the two in the front of the photo) have been playing since he was a puppy.

Trip playing with ducks last November.

(Yes, my hunting dog plays with the domestic waterfowl. Why don’t you  just go ahead and get all those snotty comments out of your system now, I know you want to.)

When Trip was a puppy they would chase each other around the yard and every now and then he’d manage to jump on one and wrestle with it puppy style before it would escape and waddle away, only to come running back to tweak his tail.

Now they still run and chase but I’m a bit more worried about duck damage. Trip jumps on a duck, lays down on top of it to hold it still and then “gently” chews on his victim, er, playmate.

Which is how I found myself in the yard yelling, “DON’T LAY ON THE DUCKS!”

Not exactly the concise sort of command a dog trainer recommends, but it works fine.

Must be something about the tone of my voice…

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