A Word From Jane

Jane’s a bit grumpy.

It has come to her attention that she is in fact the third child and her mother never takes pictures of her.

I tried to tell her that it’s because I’m always holding her or she’s sleeping,  making pictures either difficult or boring but she was having none of it. She told me she does plenty of interesting things and if I don’t start taking more photos and sharing them she’s never going to sleep through the night.

So without further ado, Jane at (almost) three months!

She laughs… …and say’s “oooo”… … has funny hair…… and enjoys a good arm chew with her sister. Now Jane, about that sleep?

3 comments on “A Word From Jane

  1. Katie Sal says:

    Oh my gosh, how is she almost 3 months old!? I LOVE that mop of hair! Thank goodness her demands thus far are only for more posts on your blog. 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Adorable! I hope she keeps her demands easy for you to fulfill!

  3. Corky says:

    Wow, she really does look a bit grumpy in that first photo…..but I’m sure once she demands more sleep, she will be the good nature d sweetie pie that she is! 😉

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