Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

When I started doing the weekly photo challenges I imposed a few extra rules and challenges upon myself:

1) No using previously taken photos.

2) No Photoshopping.

2) No Photoshopping except cropping.

3) Take the time to try out new camera settings.

If I hadn’t imposed those rules on myself I would have shared the picture I posted on my Good News… Bad news… day.

But rules are rules, even if you make them up yourself, and that one broke all three.

So I set out to take another “through picture” (this week, while playing with exposure and avoiding temptations to tamper on the computer) and got an extra bonus.

A photo of Ivy that not only captures the moment but is one of those photos that seems to give a glimpse of the girl she is becoming.

A view through the red bud and a glimpse through the years all in one.

She does have a picnic table on her head, but why would I bother with a challenge if I was already perfect?

3 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. Katie Sal says:

    Oh my goodness, is she 13 already? Ah, the calmness, patience, and almost wisdom in those eyes, amazing!! Now go fight with your sister, Ivy, so I can still think of you as a little kid!

    • Jessie says:

      And she was so calm and patient for the whole1/800th of a second that it took to take that picture. Which is no doubt why I only seem to find these moments in photos and not in real life. So don’t worry, In real life she’s been quite busy bossing Clara around and causing trouble, little kid all the way! 🙂

  2. […] Since I started the challenges a few weeks ago, I followed the same rules my friend Jessie set for herself – because I’m a copy cat like that. (She posted her rules here) […]

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